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So I just bought a car. I pick it up from the guys house on Saturday. I'm super excited.
The album Goodbye Blues by The Hush Sound should be listened to and enjoyed by all.

This has been a public service announcement


VD 5.0

The time has come once again for the joy that is VD. As you look over your friends page, I hope that no one is posting bad things about VD. Some people say that VD is horrible, almost as if it is some kind of disease...but I know better.

Take control of that burning inside you that VD causes and use it to your advantage. Let your VD first consume you. Let it spread all over your body. Then go to your significant others and close friends, let your VD spread to them as if it was some kind of rash. Let them spread it to everyone they know, and before you know it everyone in the world will know how wonderful VD is.

VD is a cause for celebration, so I know some of you might be going out tonight. If you do, I only ask you this. Take a few minutes away from the person you are sharing your VD with and share it with someone who doesn't have anyone to share their VD with. If you are at a fancy restaurant then find a lonely stranger and share your VD with them. Go some place private since it might make some people jealous, or even uncomfortable. If you are are out dancing, you have your pick of the litter, but I would sugest sharing your VD with someone in the bathroom. That way you can have a few moments alone with this person to really make sure that your VD takes hold.

VD is a wonderful thing, share it with everyone you can.

Here is to me sharing my VD with you! <3


Yay for work being completely dead all morning. I did some writing finally.

I catch a glance from across the room
its all doom and gloom and expensive perfume.
I nibble one more free cracker
as the mood starts to get blacker.
"Security should attack her",
I think for a second,
then I seem I'm being beckoned.
A demand from a graceful hand.
I'm in the command of that
manicured finger nail.
I'd go to jail, step on the third rail,
anything to never fail that pink polished finger nail.

I rise to my feet, feel the beat,
the lights strobe on her seat.
The DJ has left on retreat and
this god damn song is on repeat.
They can't even hear as I get near
those tights so sheer.
I reek of fear, I'm sure
as I take one step more
towards this love that I abhor.

I take the chair across the table
as I await my unknown fable
of future prophecies or expensive wine.
There is a vagueness of saccharine, but I feel fine.
What could possible go wrong, when that long
arm snakes 'round mine.
Time is lost as we exit out to the frost.

Into the alley and against the door
There is a war twixt my mind and my nethers
as I sense danger from this stranger.
I try to run when I see the gun.
I begin to regret when I hear that jet
of lead and fire,
regret that desire
that ends with me on the pyre.

I tried to retreat,
but I lost my feet.
When the pain hit my knee
my eyes swam like the sea.
My vision went black
as I was kicked onto my back
"Revenge is a bitch" she cried
and with one more shot
I died

Man has Come

Morose and morbid, he meanders the moors of mentality once marched by mere men.
He halts, hearing hushed, haunted hearts.

Two turtles tell the tales of terrible trappings.
From afar the fox forth-comes, frightened and frantic.
"Beware the birds" bequeaths the bear, bleeding from bullet holes.

Enter evil enemy.
Snakes slither, squirrels squeal, sloths slowly slink.
Gorillas, once great, now gone. Gross guns garrott goodness

Dec. 2nd, 2008

when the tide ebbs and flows
did you ever stop to think
that maybe it is the other side of the ocean
stealing it away?

Untitled #1

If you were a shoulder
and she was a tear

If I were a liar
and you had an ear

If you were a journal
and she were the ink

If I were a bastard
what would you think?
I feel bad.
I feel like an ass.
In the end, I think its what was best.

Be cool like me and vote

So I had no car today and don't gt out of work until the polls close, so I woke up early to take the walk. Nothing terrible, only about a mile and a half to two miles. It was a nice walk. got there, got out quick with no lines. Big surprise at ten in the morning, right? On my way back I saw there was a car pulled over to the side of the road. A woman came out as I approached holding a baby, and asked if she could use my phone. She called her boyfriend who called a tow truck and then i got weird. She asked if I had seen a tire as I was walking. I hadn't. i looked down at her wheel, and it was simply gone. Rim and all had detached fro the car going around a turn. Miraculously no one was hurt and the car was fine, except it was missing a wheel. I then noticed that all of the lug nuts were still on the bolts. I'm not a car guy, but I don't think that is possible. After we searched for the tire for a bit, we decided it had flown of into the woods at forty miles an hour and we weren't going to find it. Her boyfriend and tow truck en route, she told me to stop waiting around and go home. I left her my cell number in case she needed anything and finished my pleasant walk home.


My friend took this at faire, I thought you would like it.